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Autism Fun Delivery Services was formed by Anthony Tinervia Jr. who has spent most of his life supporting and presenting opportunities for autistic children everywhere. The primary objective this organization holds is to bring support and positive changes in the lives of those affected by autism by providing fun-filled delivery services is to raise awareness about autism to the general public.

We have different programs to provide information on education and intervention support that include counseling, home-based support, research information and advice for families who are striving forward in working with a friendly society for autistic children.

Our autism fun-filled services make sure that the uniqueness and ability to understand children with autism stand out from other clubs’ services.

Not only do we take pride in our achievement of having over 400 Autistic Children and their mothers as members but also in our ability to create awareness of the impact that autism has on a child’s confidence and self-esteem.

Autism Fun Delivery Services is envisioned to bring surprise packages to hundreds of Autistic children through birthday events and other fundraising opportunities. Take our hand in supporting this cause, so every autistic child knows that there are individuals who care deeply about their well-being.