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Autism fun-filled services provide the most enjoyable and sociable birthday for autistic children. The uniqueness and ability to understand children with autism makes my autism birthday club stand out from other clubs. As birthday organizers for autism children, I know exactly how it feels to raise a child with autism, especially for single moms. I am also aware of how autism parents go through the difficulty of getting along with their children or even understanding them.
With the Keys to the Capitals game, I have been able to bridge the gap that exists between both autistic moms and children. The Keys to the Capitals game strengthens the relationship between autism families. My ability to invent the game has made me a happy person. My happiness comes when I see autistic children and their parents happy and they send me photos of them after Amazon delivers their gift. My autism Mom is ninety-one years old, and so far, she has been my hero and, though she doesn’t quite understand me sometimes, but we always have our ways of connecting with each other.
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